Fear never a factor for ‘bad boy’ winner

Monday, February 23, 2009

For Jommy Teotico, winner of the ABS-CBN reality show “Pinoy Fear Factor,” the toughest challenge came after the competition.

For five months, since his return from Argentina in September, he had to keep his victory a secret from family and friends.

“I didn’t tell my family. My friends kept pestering me, especially after I made it to the final four,” he said. But he kept mum. “I didn’t have P5 million for the fine.”

He has earmarked his P2-million cash prize for a business venture. “First, I wanted a food franchise,” he said in an exclusive interview. “Now, I’m considering a used car business.”

Meanwhile, he has to treat the other participants to a beach outing and buy Chuck Taylors for them, as they all previously agreed. “I’ll also invite them to the blessing of the house I won,” he said.

On Friday, after watching the finale show together in the “Pinoy Big Brother” house, Jommy’s fellow contestants made sure to give him their respective shoe sizes.


His family was ecstatic, and neighbors on Dimasalang St. in Manila trooped to their house after the show. “It was like a New Year’s party,” Jommy related.

He reported that his family understands him better now.

As a kid, he frequently got into trouble. He recounted: “My mom often spanked me and I always got sent to the principal’s office. I had a hard time getting a certification of ‘Good Moral Character’ when I graduated from elementary.”

He wasn’t a bad boy, he insisted; he was just a little unruly and “wanted to have fun.”

That’s still true, and it proved to be his winning strategy, he said. “By teasing and trash-talking others, they got distracted from the game. But I remained focused all throughout.”

Final challenge

The 25-year-old Business Management graduate from Lyceum admitted that there were several instances during the show when he almost gave up.

The final challenge was a car stunt. “I got nervous because I learned how to drive only before leaving for Argentina.” The cockroach episode also daunted him. “I turned pale.”

But the show taught him that quitters don’t win.

For the “Bad Boy of Dimasalang,” fear was definitely not a factor.


- Bayani San Diego Jr., Philippine Daily Inquirer

Janna regrets not winning Pinoy Fear Factor

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Actress and stand-up comedienne Janna Dominguez admitted she regrets not winning “Pinoy Fear Factor: Argentina, South America.”

In an exclusive interview with abs-cbnNEWS.com, Dominguez said that she feels sad for not getting the P2 million cash prize, the house-and-lot, and the privilege of being the first Pinoy Fear Factor’s (PFF) El Ultimo Participante.

“Hindi naman po masama pero siyempre nakakalungkot lang, kasi nakakahinayang, P2 milyon at bahay at lupa, ‘yon ang nararamdaman, hindi naman po sama ng loob,” she said. “More on panghihinayang, wala namang regret.”

Dominguez, the last woman standing in PFF revealed that during their last challenge “Car Roll Over” she really thought that she could win the game because she could get idea from Jommy’s stunt.

“Noong una malakas ang loob kasi noong una parang pumangalawa kang magta-try ng stunt. Puwede mo pang higatan yung una, kaso noong nangyari ang stunt ko, parang wala na, nanghinayang na ako,” she explained.

Dominguez, the Flawless ‘chica’ from Dagat-Dagatan said that though she failed to bring home the prizes for her family, she is really happy for her co-participante Jommy Teotico, whom she described as someone who deserved to win the reality show.

“Siyempre, everyone deserves to win, masaya na lang ako. Sana lang gamitin niya ang napanalunan niya sa nice way. Sana yung bahay niya, ingatan niya,” she said.

Dominguez, 18, joined the show so she could ask her father working in Japan to come back to the country so they could be one again as a family.

Asked if her father knows anything about what happened, the actress replied: “Actually, hindi pa niya napapanood pero nabalitaan niya. Nagkausap kami at kahit anong mangyari, ‘Proud ako sa iyo', yun ang sabi niya sa akin.

Dominguez said that she’s now busy auditioning for TV projects and will soon be busy doing a movie under Star Cinema.
Aside from out-of-town shows, she is also joining television game shows like “Pilipinas: Game KNB?” to help save money for her family.

Jommy wins Pinoy Fear Factor

Friday, February 20, 2009

After numerous grueling challenges, Jommy Teotico bested 11 other bets to win ABS-CBN’s “Pinoy Fear Factor: Argentina, South America” Friday, February 20.

The 24-year-old model won a cool P2 million, a house and lot and the title "El Ultimo Participante" after defeating Janna Dominguez in the show's "Car Roll Over" challenge.

In the final challenge, both contestants were required to drive a car over a ramp that would explode, flipping the car over at least once. The participante that brought his car farthest from the ramp wins the contest.

In the end, Teotico's driving expertise gave him the edge in the final challenge as his car flipped and settled more than 22 meters away from the ramp compared to Dominguez's record of 17 meters and 10 centimeters.

Teotico earned the moniker "Scorpion King" after eating 20 scorpions in one of the PFF challenges. He also earned the respect and admiration of other contestants after setting a Fear Factor world record in the Car Re-Entry stunt.

Jommy Teotico is the first El Ultimo Participante of Pinoy Fear Factor

After surpassing 33 challenges and 11 elimination rounds, Jommy Teotico is named as the first El Ultimo Participante of Pinoy Fear Factor: Argentina, South America.

In the first part of the February 20 episode of the reality show, PFF host Ryan Agoncillo announced the name of the tenth person eliminated from Pinoy Fear Factor. In the previous stunt, the Final Three—composed of Janna

Dominguez, Marion dela Cruz, and Jommy—had to put a tarantula in their mouth for two minutes before eating the arachnid in the shortest time possible.

Ryan revealed that Marion, the participante who is courting Janna, completed the task in 3 minutes and 32 seconds. Jommy finished the task in 3 minutes flat while Janna clocked in the fastest at 2:56.

Before he left, Marion told Ryan and his fellow participantes: "Nanghihinayang ako kasi isang stunt na lang pero marami akong natutunan sa show na ito."

When he and Janna had some time together before he left, Marion sincerely told Janna, "Panalo na ko kasi nakilala kita. Proud ako sa 'yo. Talunin mo si Jommy, ha," he said before hugging her tight for one last time in Argentina.

CAR ROLL OVER STUNT. For the El Ultimo Duelo, the final two participantes had to drive a car at top speed towards a ramp that triggers an explosion upon contact. The car's distance farthest from the ramp will be declared the winner of the challenge and the overall winner of Pinoy Fear Factor.

Janna, an 18-year-old standup comedienne, faced Jommy, a 24-year-old model, in a dark parking lot bathed in dramatic lighting. When the smoke cleared, Ryan indicated that their last stunt is called the Car Roll Over stunt. A stuntman then revved up the engine of a black car that hit the ramp and triggered a huge explosion.

The female participante exclaimed, "Napanood ko na ito! Ang saya!" She gave a high-five to Jommy and waited with much excitement for her turn. Jommy, pumped up with adrenalin and determination, was the first to take the challenge.

Before he rode his car, Jommy told viewers of Pinoy Fear Factor, "Si Janna, hindi naman siya threat pero ibang klase ang fighting spirit niya." He revved up his engine and cameras inside the car showed how powerful the impact was when the car flipped over and landed on its roof.

When it was Janna's turn to enter the car, she admitted, "Isa lang iniisip ko, ang lagpasan ang nagawa ni Jommy. Power!"

Jommy, known as the "Scorpion King" for being bitten by the arachnid, was asked to turn around so he won't be able to see immediately how far Janna's car will land from the ramp. After she completed the stunt, Ryan himself measured the distance from the starting line to the car.

The Pinoy Fear Factor host then revealed that Janna's attempt only took her to a distance of 17 meters and 10 cm while Jommy's car reached a distance of 22 meters and 50 cm.

Jommy Teotico is Pinoy Fear Factor's first El Ultimo Participante. He is given P2 million pesos and is now the owner of brand-new Avida house and lot from Ayala Land.

'SuperManuel' gets eliminated from Pinoy Fear Factor

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Struggling businessman Manuel Chua, the erstwhile "king of stunts," plunged to a shocking elimination on Wednesday during the first stunt of the ultimate round of elimination of "Pinoy Fear Factor: Argentina, South America."

“SuperManuel's" last flight was sealed when he was slowest to get out of a makeshift grave in the "buried alive" stunt.

The struggling businessman prematurely lifted his body out the hole, which caused an avalanche of sand that trapped his lower body underground. It took him over eight minutes to finish the stunt.

Fittingly, it was "Kryptonite" Marion dela Cruz who won the challenge. Jommy Teotico followed with a time of 4:40 while Janna Dominguez clocked in 7:43.

With a time of 3:53, dela Cruz finally gained his own "Fear Factor" world record through this stunt, besting a participante from Turkey who finished it in 4:09.

Chua had been the game's most dominant player with victories in the earlier rounds, which made him the target of his co-participantes. He also broke two "Fear Factor" world records via the "Slippery Car" and "Net under Helicopter" stunts.

Teotico, the lone Pump Squad member left, said he is proud to have outlasted Chua but is also sad to see their "big brother" leave El Campo Miedo. Dominguez and dela Cruz, meanwhile, were left to tears. 

"I made a wrong move. I could have done better," Chua said.

With “SuperManuel's" early departure, the competition among the three remaining participantes heats up. The "Ultimo Participante" will receive P2-million prize  and a house and lot.

Who among Dominguez, Teotico, and dela Cruz will meet in "El Ultimo Duelo" to become the first "Ultimo Participante"? Find out this week on "Pinoy Fear Factor" after "SNN: Showbiz News Ngayon" on ABS-CBN.

Who’ll be El Ultimo Participante?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Who among the Fearless Four will lord it over in the most shocking and heart-thumping elimination round to be able to grab the prizepot of P2 million, house and lot, and the title El Ultimo Participante in "Pinoy Fear Factor: Argentina, South America?” The final contenders: Manuel tagged as "Supermanuel,” Jommy as "Scorpion King," Janna as "Bonana" and Marion as "Kryptonite."

Manuel has dominated the competition his co-participantes wanted him out of El Campo Miedo (Camp Fear as their living quarter is called) badly. The owner of two "Fear Factor" world records, he is the only participante to stop the horse while being dragged in mud. He has two recent stints in the danger zone. He fought with Marion after getting jealous when got too chummy with Janna. He has to re-focus to reclaim his dominance.

Jommy has graduated from being a joker to a legit contender after convincingly beating Manuel in challenges like the "Car Re-entry" stunt. He's also showed no fear for pain when he cut his lip while eating 20 scorpions and when he risked his body in the "Drag by a Horse in Mud" stunt. Though bruised and wounded, Jommy is dead set to win.

Janna, the only female in the group, always brings a lucky charm with her during stunts. However, she has proven her worth by braving through stunts while risking her safety. One time she had her foot got stuck on a net under a helicopter. Upside down and ankle twisted, she still tried to get up and complete the stunt. With this kind of will, she can claim the top spot.

Marion is the group’s softie turned toughie. The winner of the "Tarzan Swing" and "Water Coffin" stunts, he was baptized "Kryptonite" and gave up the gay act. He is now performing like a beast. His attraction to Janna has given him additional motivation to win and to beat Manuel who has emerged as his competitor for her love.

Fear Factor's Marion denies he's gay, says Janna is 'special'

Pinoy Fear Factor participante Marion Angelo dela Cruz on Monday downplayed rumors that he is gay and revealed that he has special feelings for his co-participante, actress-comedienne Janna Dominguez.

Dubbed as the PFF's "Kryptonite," dela Cruz said that though he has special feelings for the actress he and Dominguez are now just good friends and not taking their relationship seriously.

"Magaan ang loob ko sa kanya. Ngayon ano lang kami friends kami. Ayos sa amin yung friends kami. Magkasama kami madalas para sa Pinoy Fear  Factor. Madalas kaming tinatawag para sa mga mall shows, ganoon kaya lagi kaming nagkakasama at yung kulitan namin ay ganoon pa din parang sa Argentina," dela Cruz told abs-cbnNEWS.com.

Dela Cruz said his overtures to Dominguez during the show, including giving sweets, chocolates and flowers, was not a gimmick. "I think naman na napasaya ko siya. Sana naman," he stressed.

He also said that both of them are too busy with their respective careers to pursue a possible deeper relationship.

‘Not gay’

Aside from clearing the real status of his relationship with Dominguez, dela Cruz also downplayed speculations that he is a gay.

Dela Cruz told abs-cbnNEWS.com, that his acts were just part of his jokes. It will be recalled that dela Cruz made his co-contestants laugh with his gay-comedy antics especially when he wore a two-piece swimsuit.

“Hindi po. Wala po. Nag-enjoy lang ako gusto ko lang magpatawa ng mga kasamahan ko kaya  ginawa ko yon. Kasi noong una napansin ko na nakakatuwa yung reaction nila kapag nag-ganoon ako kasi isang beses nagawa ko hindi ko alam kung ano ang rason nakita ko ang reaksyon nila na nakakatawa ganoon din yung ibang tao. Ako mas masaya ako kapag nakikita kong masaya ang ibang tao,” he explained.

The former soccer player said that he regrets nothing since he really enjoyed what he did while he was in Argentina with the other participantes.

“Wala pong pagsisisi kasi ginusto ko pong gawin yon. Para sa akin alam kong lalaki ako at okay lang po kung isipin ng ibang tao kung bakla ako kasi hindi lahat naman ng tao ay makakasundo ko pero mayroon naming mga tao na nakakaintindi na joke lang yon,” he added.

Final 4

The cast is complete for "Pinoy Fear Factor: Argentina, South America's" most shocking and heart-thumping round of elimination, as the "Fearless Four" enters the last stretch of competition this week on ABS-CBN.

Starting Monday night, Feb 16, Manuel "Supermanuel" Chua, Jommy "Scorpion King" Teotico, Janna "Bonana" Dominguez, and Marion "Kryptonite" Dela Cruz will be holding nothing back as they fight tooth and nail for the P2 million prize, house and lot, and the title "El Ultimo Participante," while showing the world again the courage and heart of Filipinos.

Manuel or "Supermanuel" has dominated the competition so much that his co-participantes have been one in wanting him off El Campo Miedo. Although the owner of two "Fear Factor" world records, and the only participante ever in Argentina to halt the horse while being dragged in mud, is not invincible as proven by his two recent stints in the danger zone during the sixth and seventh round of eliminations. Moreover, the struggling businessman also had a near meltdown recently after getting jealous when Marion and Janna got too close for comfort. Manuel has to regain his focus to reclaim his dominance in "Pinoy Fear Factor."

Jommy a.k.a. the "Scorpion King" has graduated from being a joker to a legit contender after convincingly beating Manuel in challenges like the "Car Re-entry" stunt, where he made his own "Fear Factor" world record. He's also shown no fear for pain when he cut his lip while eating 20 scorpions and when he risked his body in the "Drag by a Horse in Mud" stunt. Though bruised and wounded, the 24 year-old model is dead set to win to be able to help his family, and RJ his closest friend in the pump squad.

Janna earned the "Janna Bonana" monicker because she always brings a lucky charm with her during stunts. The youngest participante has proven her worth by braving through stunts even at the expense of her safety like when her foot got stuck on a net under a helicopter.

Marion is the softie turned toughie of the group. The winner of the "Tarzan Swing" and "Water Coffin" stunts, who was baptized "Kryptonite" by host Ryan Agoncillo, has given the gay act a rest and is now performing like a beast in the stunts. His attraction to Janna has given him additional motivation to win and to beat Supermanuel, who has also developed a liking for the stand-up comedienne.